Shipping Containers For Sale in Michigan

Preparing your location for drop off

Now you can finally prepare your location for the drop off of your container. Make sure you have the exact area where you want the container to be placed. On the other hand, if you are shipping the shipping container overseas or in the United States you will need to comply with the ISO container regulations, and make sure the container is certified and plated. You will need to make sure the truck can comfortably pull in, drop the container off, and drive away without any problems. This is very important to make sure of before your shipping container arrives to ensure a smooth delivery. Planning well in advance is a must when searching for shipping containers for sale. Important facts to consider and know is that a 40’ shipping container typically needs at least 100’ total space to be delivered comfortably. A 20’ shipping container typically needs between 50’ to 60’ of space to be delivered comfortably so making sure the entire area is clear is helpful. Letting the driver know which way you want the shipping container to face is also important because by default shipping containers are normally loaded with the doors facing the front of the truck. Drivers more than likely will not want to rearrange the shipping container if it is installed in the wrong direction.

In order to keep the container floor dry and the steel under structure from rusting proper airflow will need to be maintained if the container will be outside. Placing tires, wood, railroad ties, or a slightly sloped piece of concrete in the four corners of the container will elevate it to make sure air flows properly throughout the container. Another method is to use a concrete footer or pad which you can build yourself. Shipping containers that are not properly elevated can fall out of square or racking and this can cause major and drastic problems that can be costly so preparation is key. Once you have prepared the location and the container is placed in the ground it will not be able to be moved without assistance. If you are not able to be there on the delivery day make sure you have someone who knows exactly where you want the shipping container. Companies will have no problem charging extra fees if they have to rearrange a shipping container after it has been placed. Trying to get them to do it for free will be a hard process.

While there are many shipping containers for sale in the United States and overseas it can be a detailed and time-consuming process. However, as long as you are prepared and conduct proper research it should be a smooth process.