Are you in search of a used shipping container to convert into a home, office or research lab? Over 95% of international cargo gets transported using shipping containers. This allows for high volume shipping keeping prices low.

Did you know that a standard shipping container can hold 3,500 shoe boxes when fully stacked? Did you also know that there are enough shipping containers in use today that if laid back to back can encompass the world twice? Well, now you do.

In this post, we discuss the steps of how to buy a shipping container in Florida.

Step One – Research Container Type and Grade Type

Shopping for a used shipping container in Florida is a unique challenge for first-time buyers. Without research and learning the basics of the buying process, first-time buyers may end up with the wrong container. To save you some extra legwork, let’s start with the container type.

In the market, there are two standard shipping container sizes:

•20 feet

•40 feet

20 ft shipping container

This type of shipping container is popular for the following reasons:

•Easy to maneuver

•Easy to store

•Easy to transport

As such, it can be modified into exceptional living spaces. The following are the external dimensions of a 20 ft container – 20 ft(length), 8 ft (width) and 8 ft 6 inches (height). Here are the internal dimensions of the 20 ft shipping container – 19 ft 2 inches (length), 7ft 8 inches (width) and 7 ft 9 inches (height).

Available floor area is 144 square foot, door opening width is 7 ft 8 inches and weight is 4,840 pounds.

40 ft shipping container

With considerable interior space, the 40 ft shipping container is popular for shipping many goods. As such, they keep the cost of goods low. The following are the external dimensions of a 40 ft shipping container: 40 ft(length), 8 ft(width) and 8 ft 6 inches (height).

Internal dimensions include:

•Length – 39ft 5 inches

•Width – 7ft 8 inches

•Height – 7ft 9 inches

•Floor area – 300 square foot

The door opening width is 7ft 8 inches, opening height is 7ft 5 inches and weight is 8,360 pounds.

Apart from learning container types, you need to know about container grades. They include:

•New single trip

•Used wind and watertight certified

•Cargo worthy




Other grade types include:

•A Grade

•B Grade

•C Grade

Doing some research and learning all the above helps you make smart decisions.

Step Two – Decide on the Features You Desire

There are several reasons why people buy used shipping containers. For starters, they do so because they are cheap than new shipping containers. If you find a good dealer, you buy a used shipping container for less than half its original price.

Second, used shipping containers are easy to modify. This saves you a lot of money as you can customize your used shipping container to your taste. Last, they are virtually indestructible. Shipping containers are made from steel and it’s no surprise that even the army use them as shelters. Used shipping containers can hold more than 30 tons and they can be stacked.

Before buying a used container, decide on the features you desire. To do so, make a spreadsheet. This will allow you to compare the features and keep track of useful data such as seller information, height, length, and cost.

Step Three – Decide Where to Buy Used Shipping Containers

If you are in search of shipping containers for sale in Miami, Florida, we highly recommend checking As a national supplier, has a large inventory. This means you can find 20ft, 40ft and other used shipping containers.

So, how do you shop from Browse to, hover your mouse pointer over “Get A Shipping Container.” A bunch of options will dropdown. Hover your mouse pointer on “Search by USA City.”

Choose your city and refine your search by adding your zip code or country, state, and city. From the results, pick deals you are interested in. For instance, if you were looking for a 20 ft A-Grade used shipping container, find deals with such details.

Click “View Pricing” to learn the details of the used shipping container. To buy a used shipping container, add to cart and enter your address. What you need to know is that includes the delivery fee. Adding your address allows the site to calculate the correct delivery cost.

Review your order and check if the address is correct. Make your payment. accepts:


•Cash bank deposits

•Wire Transfers

•International Wire Transfers

•Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)


•Major credit cards

For cash-like payments, offers a 1.9% discount. A shipping notification is sent to your email notifying you that the container has already been shipped and will be delivered in 2 days.

Step Four – Preparing the Site for Delivery

As your used shipping container is on its way, it is important to prepare the location. First and foremost, make sure that the truck and the forklift can maneuver easily. That is, the truck can drive in and out of the location without causing damage to the fence or buildings.

If you have bought a 40ft container, make sure the location has enough space for the truck and the crane to maneuver. If space is not a problem, prepare the site where the container will rest. That means having a base for your used shipping container.

We recommend:

•Used tires



•Railroad ties

Having a base helps to maintain airflow beneath the used shipping container. Also, it helps to keep the understructure rust free and dry. Remember, you must decide what direction the door will face before offloading the used shipping container.

Other Things to Consider When Shopping for Used Shipping Container

When shopping online, the photos available may or may not represent the actual product. To ensure that you don’t lose money, find out if the used shipping container comes with any warranty. You should also learn about returns. Getting clarity on warranty and returns saves you a lot of trouble.

Another factor to consider is timeliness especially if you intend on buying more than two shipping containers. Learning how long it will take to have all used shipping containers delivered will allow you to plan accordingly.

Best of luck!