Shipping Containers For Sale in Florida

Currently, the container marker grows by 4.5% every two years. Business analysts expect the figure to rise by the year 2023. Containers come with many benefits, which explains their growing popularity. That said, the following information will assist you in purchasing a container of your choice if you live in Florida. For starters, is a fantastic solution when it comes to buying a container, which is ranked at the top regarding the world’s container marketplaces. Here are reasons is the ultimate solution to purchase shipping containers if you reside in Florida.

Rental Containers

At you can get a rental container of your choice either for business or personal use. The best part about our rental containers is that they can be unbelievably cheaper than the ones supplied by your local dealers. The monthly installments for containers ate the lowest you can find. We provide you with the guidelines concerning how to pay for your item, including the delivery fee. All one has to do is enter a zipcode or city then fill in the required information. After that, one can view the total cost online. If this is your first time purchasing a container online, our manager is always available through email to answer any question.

Rent-to-Own Containers also offers you the opportunity to rent a container for a period before ownership. The monthly payments depend on your selected year of purchase and size of the shipping container. For instance, if you wish to own a 20ft container within a year, your monthly payment will be $399 every year. Suppose you want to own a 20ft container within three years, your monthly payment will be $149. 40ft and 45ft containers also have particular monthly installments for one, two, and three-year ownership. In conjunction with that, you can always make early payments, thus having an opportunity to receive discounts. Once you fully own an item, you can make any adjustment such as changing the color.

Regarding the approval process, is a straightforward organization. A buyer has to fill the needed documents and to verify their identity. After that, the ordered container will arrive at your doorstep or your place of business in Florida within five to ten days after placing the order.

Buy it Now

If you are in a position to make full payment at once, we are ready to help you select the best according to your preference. offers you a chance to get high-quality containers at affordable prices. Our market place sells both new and used containers. Typically, new shipping containers are the best as come in good shape with no damages. However, that does not mean that used containers are of low quality. Since we sell items with durable stainless steel, they last for years without damage. The new containers are expensive compared to the used ones, but we offer the lowest prices for both. Regarding viewing the condition of your item before purchasing, we provide high-quality photos so you can have precise details of what you are about to order.

Safe Marketplace is a legitimate organization. We ensure the safety of our clients by providing secure options for online payment. Upon visiting our website, you can see that we are a verified organization. Therefore, we protect you from online fraudsters and other compromises regarding security. Scammers rarely go through with their mission because we ask for identification and other documents before we can approve a purchase. However, you do not have to worry about the approval process. As long as your details are legit, approval is a hassle-free procedure.

Below are the advantages of using containers.

Efficient Storage

Containers have ample space. You can use them to store anything you want for as long as you need. For instance, if you are dealing with a large number of business products, a container can be a perfect store. Moreover, you can divide your shipping container into several sections if you are dealing with several types of commodities. Apart from that, you can store home items that you have not used for some time. Containers have so much space that they can accommodate large items such as furniture and machinery, among others.


Containers are made of high-quality steel. Thus, the chances of theft are rare. Most container purchasers request for the installation of an active and unique locking mechanism that only they can access. One can store property in a container all year round with no incidence of interference.

Convenient Transport

Containers are the best when it comes to transportation, especially long-distance. You can use the items to transport your valuables to any place in the world. For instance, if you are relocating to another state, container transportation is your option because your items will be safe and easy to handle all through the journey.


The reason the container market keeps growing is due to their strength. The items last for extended periods with proper maintenance. Apart from that, they are made of strong steel that can withstand adverse weather conditions. Containers are your ideal solution if you need to minimize storage and maintenance expenses.

Call us or reach us through our email to get the best container offers. We have straightforward guidelines that will make it easy for you to provide your documents, select your mode of payment, and choose your desired item. Our organization is verified and fraudulent-free thus giving you the best customer experience.